Garden Design

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Every garden benefits from planning, design & decorative detail. Whatever your needs, our garden design service will enable you to gain maximum impact and enjoyment from your garden.

A good garden starts with a GREAT design. While tastes in gardening styles vary, the acid test of a good garden is whether it appeals to you.

These are some testimonials of recent garden designs that we completed:

“ I really had no idea where to start. The consultant came to our place, checked the soil and sunlight and created a perfectly balanced garden that I have taken credit for”

Sally, Eltham

“The garden plan made it so easy. I could follow the scheme and add as I went along”

Micheal & Julie, Richmond

“The designer took away all the difficult horticultural problems and put us on the right track”

Wendy, Wonga Park

As your garden is very much part of your home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t decorate it in much the same way as you might decorate your home. Together, we can make your garden a reflection of your personal tastes.