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Cuphea ‘Tiny Mice’ - 14cm Pot
Cuphea ‘Tiny Mice’ - 14cm Pot
Cuphea ‘Tiny Mice’ - 14cm Pot

    Cuphea ‘Tiny Mice’ - 14cm Pot

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    Cuphea Tiny Mice. 14cm Pot.

    Botanical Name: Cuphea havea

    An evergreen low-growing shrub. In autumn it produces a bright and intriguing display of violet, tubular flowers capped with brilliant red petals that almost look like tiny little mice. Great in containers, baskets or general garden use. 

    * The plant pictured it just one example of our stock. Each plant may vary in size and width.

     It prefers full sun but can tolerate a position with lower light. 
     Water well until established. Keep moist during extended dry periods.
     Prune to keep compact and neat. Remove flower heads once flowering has finished to encourage new growth.
     In ideal conditions, it can grow up to 40cm tall and spread 60cm wide.