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Octopus Tree - 17cm Pot
Octopus Tree - 17cm Pot
Octopus Tree - 17cm Pot

    Octopus Tree - 17cm Pot

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    Tupidanthus Calyptratus - 17cm Pot

    Botanical Name: Tupidanthus Calyptratus

    Tupidanthus Calyptratus is an evergreen tropical tree with glossy, bright green leaves. As it matures, its leaves will droop giving the appearance of a weeping tree. The perfect accompaniment to your indoor tropical oasis. 


     It will like a warm spot with bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight. 
     Water when the top two inches of soil feels dry. Water more in summer less in winter. 
     Fertilise once a month during the warmer months. We recommend The Plant Runner: Indoor Plant Food
     In tropical climates, it can grow up to 3m tall. In Victoria it may reach closer to 1-1.5m tall.