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Alocasia Zebrina - 13cm Pot
Alocasia Zebrina - 13cm Pot

    Alocasia Zebrina - 13cm Pot

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    Alocasia Zebrina Sarian. 13cm Pot.
          - Also known as Sarian Elephant Ear

    This variety of Alocasia is a hybrid of the Zebrina and Micholitziana. It has beautifully striped stems and upward-pointing, wavy-edged leaves with white veins. An eye-catching indoor plant that is relatively easy to grow. 

    *The plant pictured is just one example of our stock, each plant may slightly vary. We will always choose the happiest and healthiest specimens for you.

     Position in a well-lit warm room. However, avoid direct sunlight. 
     Grown best in well-drained soil. Water when the soil feels dry. They like humid conditions, either a humidifier or a regular misting will be appreciated by your alocasia.
     Alocasias can grow to be quite tall. In ideal conditions, they can grow between 2-3m tall.