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Calathea Zebrina - 13cm Pot
Calathea Zebrina - 13cm Pot

    Calathea Zebrina - 13cm Pot

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    Calathea Zebrina. 13cm Pot

    Botanical Name: Calathea Zebrina

    The most popular of the calathea family. This broad striped leaf calathea is an eye-catching indoor plant. The foliage has a felty touch to it. As a tropical plant it needs soil that retains some moisture but also drains well. 

    Watch it in the darker hours fold up its leaves, it's pretty cool!

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    This Calathea loves bright indirect light, but is fine in light shade. Avoid direct sunlight.
       Check weekly and water when the top two inches of soil are feeling dry. It likes humidity so will enjoy regular misting.
         It can grow up to 60cm -1m tall.