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Ti Plant - 14cm Pot
Ti Plant - 14cm Pot
Ti Plant - 14cm Pot
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Ti Plant - 14cm Pot

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Ti Plant. 14cm Pot

Botanical Name: Cordyline Fruticosa Rubra

A small evergreen shrub grown for its glossy, broad, dark green leaves and tree link stem. New leaves are streaked with rose-pink. Although these plants enjoy the heat, humidity and tropical conditions they are native to, they adapt well to growing indoors. Ideal for adding a splash of colour into your home. 
This particular stock comes with moss growing on the top layer of soil.

*The plant pictured is just one example of our stock. Each plant may vary in size and width. 

 A warm bright position.
 Best situated in a well-drained pot. Water when the soil feels dry. They like humidity, so in the warmer months, they will appreciate a misting. 
 Fertilise during spring and summer with a liquid fertiliser for indoor plants.