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Daphne Eternal Fragrance - 14cm Pot

    Daphne Eternal Fragrance - 14cm Pot

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    Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance'. 14cm Pot

    Botanical Name: Daphne x transatlantica

    A truly outstanding pot and garden performer. It produces sweetly fragrant flowers that will first bloom in late winter and then in early summer and autumn. Can work as a low hedge or border.

    *The plant pictured is just one example of our stock, each plant may slightly vary. We will always choose the happiest and healthiest specimen for you. 


      Full sun to part shade. This variety of daphne is sun/dry tolerant.
        Well-drained soil is critical. Once established only low water requirements are necessary. 
       Feed with a slow fertiliser in early summer to maintain its vigour.  We recommend Harry's Daphne Food
         Frost hardy
        Up to 60cm tall and a spread of 90cm.