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Parlour Palm - 20cm
Parlour Palm - 20cm
Parlour Palm - 20cm

    Parlour Palm - 20cm

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    Parlour Palm. 20cm Pot

     Botanical Name: Chamaedorea Elegans

    A graceful, small palm with dark green, soft fern-like fronds. 

    Also available in a 14cm and 25cm Pot. 

    * If there isn't available stock online, please call us (03)9844 3027 to check if we have any more on site. 


      Moderate to bright light, however, avoid direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves. 
     Check weekly, if the top inch of soil feels dry give it a water. Best in a pot with drainage. Water well in summer, less in winter
     Apply liquid fertiliser in the warm months to encourage growth. We recommend The Plant Runner: Indoor Plant Food.  
      The parlour palm is a slow grower but can reach up to just over a metre.