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Lilly Pilly
Lilly Pilly

    Lilly Pilly "Backyard Bliss" - 20cm Pot

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    "Backyard Bliss". 20cm Pot

    Botanical Name: Syzygium Australe

    Lilly Pilly is a fast growing evergreen that is superb for dense screening. It is easy to train with foliage that can be pruned back to keep a balanced form and shape. This Lilly Pilly variety is Psyllid resistant. 

    A 20cm Pot Lilly Pilly starts at 50-60cm in height.


       Can tolerate full sun or part shade.
       Frost tolerant once established.

     Water well until established. As they develop they will become hardier and will require less watering.

      It can grow up to 3-4m high and 1m wide.