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Zanzibar Gem - 20cm Pot

    Zanzibar Gem - 20cm Pot

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    Zanzibar Gem. 20cm Pot

    Botanical Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

    Also known as a ZZ plant, the Zanzibar Gem is a very hardy and considered almost un-killable. It is naturally used to longer periods of drought followed by watering, which makes it an easygoing plant.  

    Also available in a 17cm Pot.

    * If there isn't available stock online, please call us (03)9844 3027 to check if we have any more on-site. 


    It can grow up to a 1m tall. 
    The ZZ can cope with very little light, so ideal if you don't have very bright rooms. 
       The ZZ can be fed liquid fertiliser about once a month in spring and summer. 
    Water only when the top two inches of soil are dry. It doesn't need a lot of water, especially in summer.  
    Toxic if ingested by pets or humans.